Ritucharya as Preventive Medicine

  • Dr. Shalini HE Post Graduate Scholar, Department of Samhitha and Siddhanta, Govt. Ayurveda Medical College, Mysore, Karnataka, INDIA.
  • Shreevathsa Professor & HOD, Department of Samhitha and Siddhanta, Govt. Ayurveda Medical College, Mysore, Karnataka, INDIA.
Keywords: Ritucharya, Preventive Medicine, Rituvaiparyata, Modification


Introduction: Ayurveda the age old science of life, has always emphasized at maintaining health and preventing diseases rather than laying total focus over the treatment aspects. It has highlighted various rules and regimens regarding Ahara (diet), Vihara (regimens), Achara (conduct) and Vichara (thoughts) which are mandatory for attaining the desired healthy life. One among such regimens is “Ritucharya”, which plays an important role in acclimatizing the seasonal enforcement easily without altering body homeostasis. Purpose: Ritu (season), classified by variation of Doshas in the environment, expresses its effects on the body, hence disturbing its equilibrium (Prakruthi-Purusha Samyata Siddantha), this disequilibrium occurs due to failure in following the appropriate rules which leads to imbalance among Doshas in the body and thereafter leading to disease manifestation. Hence there arises a need to understand and implement these guidelines in accordance with the changes in Ritu. Methods: In this study Ayurveda elementary books were thoroughly searched where the concept of Ritucharya has been described and comprehended simultaneously. Result/Discussion: In this work an attempt is made to understand various concepts evolving around Ritucharya including: 1) Scientific background of Ritu 2) Seasonal regimens and diet 3) Prevention of seasonal diseases through Ritucharya 4) Increased morbidity during Ritusandi and its prevention 5) Ritu Vaiparyata and corresponding modifications. Conclusion: Although the concept of Ritucharya seems very simple, but it is crucial for balancing the constitutional entities as per seasonal changes. These guidelines thus become very important for maintaining a disease free body-mind, thus reducing morbidity to various seasonal disorders and improving one’s immunity.


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