Knowledge attitude and practice of Peya among practitioners of Ayurveda

  • Dr. Shinitha PV Assistant Professor, Department of Samhitha Siddhanta, Ahalia Ayurveda Medical College, Palakkad, Kerala, INDIA.
Keywords: KAP survey, Peya, Pathya Kalpana


Ahara plays an important role in the maintenance of health and cure of diseases. Various dietetic preparations are explained in Ayurveda under Pathya Kalpana. Among this Pathya Kalpana, Peya is most commonly used preparation. No much study is undergone on this topic. Peya is beneficial in healthy and diseased. Peya is Satmya to people living in southern parts of India. So medicines can be administered by adding it with Peya. In classics, there are various diseases in which Peya have been recommended. On administering Oushada Siddha Peya in these conditions Peya does its action as well as exhibits the properties of Dravyas with which it is processed. It cures disease and at the same time nourishes Dhathus. A KAP survey was conducted as a part of study among the Ayurvedic practitioners. Majority of practitioners were found to administer classical Peya Yogas. Utility of Peya have been extended to other diseases, which are not mentioned in classical ayurvedic text books. This proves that Peya can be administered depending on the condition of patient as well as stage of disease. It was observed from the study that 78.0% practitioners had good knowledge regarding Peya and more than 50.0% had positive attitude towards this treatment modality. But only 46.0% practitioners adopted Oushada Siddha Peya in their practice.


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